Smoke Bomb Homemade: Learn to Make the Ultimate Colored Smoke Bomb!

I know “smoke bomb homemade” isn’t grammatically proper, but that’s what you guys are typing into Google, so that’s how I have to write it. (Sorry. Its an SEO thing.)

Anyway, trust me!

If you want to know how to make the greatest smoke bomb, smoke screen, or smoke signal of all time, you’ve come to the right place! 

I’m not going to teach you how to make some cheesy, unreliable, stinky gray smoke bomb that fizzles out after two seconds. I’ll teach you to make a thick, beautiful, colorful smoke bomb to rival anything you've ever seen before.

This is the kind of brightly colored smoke bomb you can use to signal for help in an emergency, just like soldiers do. 

I’ll explain all the steps in minute detail (with photos), and I’ll even provide links so you can order your own chemicals and materials inexpensively online.

And so, as Conan the Destroyer would say, “Enough talk!”

In this article, I’ll teach you how to make the greatest colored smoke bomb of all time!

Smoke Bomb Homemade: The Perfect Formula!

27% potassium chlorate

18% sucrose

16% magnesium carbonate

3% sodium bicarbonate

36% solvent dye (Choose any color you like)

(Also: Potassium nitrate to make a separate “starter mix,” which will consist of 50% potassium nitrate and 50% sucrose.)

Use the main mixture to fill a cardboard tube, top it off with a spoonful of “starter mix,” seal the ends, and stick a fuse in the top. 

Now light that MOFO!

Now that you know the basics, let’s get into the important details of how it's done.


Let us give thanks and praise to the evil genius who created this formula.  

He’s a legit scientist with an incredible YouTube channel, Tech Ingredients, where he teaches everything from how to build lasers, to how to make the world’s BEST thermal paste!

Through tireless experimentation, this man discovered the greatest colored-smoke bomb formula ever devised by humankind. 

Instead of hoarding the secret for himself, or selling it on the black market to Satan-worshipping communists, he chose to share it with the world...

Behold! Our Zombie Bugout Hero of Legend! HONOR HIM!

"Though your flesh may rot, 

And thy bones turn to ash,

Fear not, Oh hero of colored smoke and high performance thermal paste!

Your legend will never die."


Smoke Bomb Homemade: The Plan!

After gathering everything you need, you’re going to make 2 concoctions: One will be the main burn mix, which you’ll fill your cardboard tube with. 

The other will be a richer, hotter burning "starter mix" you'll sprinkle on top, just to help the main burn mix ignite.

Of course, you’ll also need to construct your tubes!

Don't be intimidated by all the stuff you need. Most of it is pretty cheap.

At the very end of this article, I'll give you a complete list of items with links to where you can buy them. That way you don't have to spend hours and hours looking for everything, like I did!

Smoke Bomb Homemade: The Chemicals!

Potassium Chlorate – This is the first key to making colored smoke bombs!

Most formulas found online recommend Potassium nitrate for your main burn mix. Potassium nitrate is easy to find (stump remover from the garden store), but it burns way too hot for colored smoke bombs! 

Extreme heat makes the color molecules in your dye decompose into an ugly, dull, grayish smoke, the same as if you were burning a voodoo doll of that ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who cheated on you in high school.

Potassium chlorate, on the other hand, burns cooler, allowing the color molecules to remain intact! In other words, green dye produces green smoke! Purple dye produces purple smoke!

To make a smoke bomb homemade with color, you've got to use potassium chlorate!

Sucrose – Just regular white sugar from the grocery store!

Magnesium carbonate –  Its a mineral supplement. We're gonna use this as a cooling agent. Again, we want our smoke bomb burning as cool as possible in order to preserve the color.

Sodium bicarbonate – Plain old baking soda!

Potassium nitrate – Sold as stump remover at any home improvement store. You could also buy the pure chemical here.

Solvent dye – This is the second key to making colored smoke bombs. Bogus formulas online always recommend crayons for color, or food grade dye, both of which decompose with heat. 

Solvent dye, on the other hand, is strong enough to withstand the extreme temperature of your smoke bomb homemade! Choose any color you like, but make sure it's solvent dye!

Smoke Bomb Homemade: The Materials!

Coffee grinder – to grind your chemicals into a fine powder. 

DO NOT use the same grinder you actually make food and coffee with, okay?!! Get a cheap electric grinder, and use it for chemicals only. Keep it in your home lab (wherever that is), not the kitchen.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but poisoning yourself with smoke-bomb laced coffee is NOT how to survive the zombie apocalypse!

Cardboard craft tubes – Get the thickest ones you can find so it can withstand the heat of your mixture.

Don’t use pvc pipe, which melts and produces a foul, toxic black smoke, and don’t use metal which could allow pressure to build to dangerous levels.

Cardboard craft tubes (the thicker the better) are cheap, lightweight, relatively clean burning, and hold up to the temperature long enough for your smoke bomb homemade to finish burning.

Foil Tape – They sell this in the heating and air conditioning section of Home Depot, or you can get it online here.

Red RTV Gasket Maker, by Permatex – It’s a tube of red gunk sold at automotive shops, normally used to seal gaskets.

This particular kind is can withstand extreme heat, which makes it perfect for making a smoke bomb homemade!

Fuse – There are ways of making your own, but in the interest of saving time and for the sake of reliability, just buy the real kind.

Gram Scale – You don’t need the super accurate chemical scales they use in nuclear physics labs. Just a cheap digital food scale will do, but make sure it reads in grams.

Does that seem like a lot of stuff?

I told you! We’re not making those underpowered, weak-sauce smoke bombs delinquent kids set off in school auditoriums.

We’re making real deal, high performance, colored smoke bombs worthy of a 4th of July party at the Playboy Mansion!

If you’re ever lost in the woods, stuck on a rooftop during a flood, or lost at sea, you’re going to need some way to signal for help. In emergencies, these are the kind of smoke bombs that can save your life!

Trust me. Once you complete your first colored smoke bomb homemade and set it off, you WILL see the difference in quality.

Then you'll finally understand that destiny is real, and that the universe brought you here specifically to learn what I’m about to teach you.

Smoke Bomb Homemade, Phase 1: Create Your Main Burn Mix

Step 1: Make sure your ingredients are smooth and powdery!

If any of your ingredients appear granular, grind it into a fine powder. 

Your sugar is definitely going to be granular, so make sure to grind it up.

(And don't try to cut corners by buying powdered sugar! Powdered sugar contains 1% to 3% corn starch, and corn starch is NOT part of the formula for the greatest smoke bomb ever made.)

Get rid of clumps, too. Potassium chlorate tends to clump over time, as does Potassium nitrate does.

Clumps are bad! You want everything to mix together evenly for a nice, even burn... Powderize that shiznit!

Warning: Don't be a butthead. Grind each chemical separately!

Please DO NOT mix a bunch of pyrotechnic chemicals together, then throw it into an electric grinder. A static discharge could cause your mixture to ignite, which would be bad news for your grinder, bad news for your physical body, and bad news for those cute, fuzzy animals who depend on you for food.

Step 2: Put an empty container on your scale and push the TARE button. 

The TARE button deletes the weight of your container, resetting the scale to zero and enabling you to only see the weight of the ingredients you add.

For simplicity's sake, let’s make 100 grams of burn mix (enough to make one large smoke bomb). That way, the percentages and amounts are easy! 

Step 3: Grab a spoon and add 27 grams of potassium chlorate to your container.

(The scale should now read 27 grams.)

Step 4: Add 18 grams of sucrose (sugar) to your container. 

You don’t need to measure 18 grams of sugar in a separate container. Just add sugar directly to the potassium chlorate until your scale reads 45 grams total.

Why 45? Because 27 grams of potassium chlorate plus 18 grams of sugar = 45 grams. See how this works?

Step 5: Add 16 grams of magnesium carbonate to your container. (Just keep adding carbonate until the scale reads 61 grams total.)

Step 6: Add 3 grams of sodium bicarbonate. (Keep adding sodium bicarbonate until the scale reads 64 grams total.)

Step 7: Add 36 grams of your solvent dye, whichever color you like. (Keep adding dye to your mixture until the scale reads 100 grams total.)

Step 8: Pour all of that into an air tight container. (Tupperware works well. A clean empty paint bucket works great, too.) Now shake the ever-loving hell out of it! 

Keep shaking until its all evenly mixed. Do not open it. (If you open it now, you’ll get hit with a big cloud of colored smoke bomb dust to the face!)

Instead of getting hit in the face, let the dust in your bucket settle for 20 or 30 minutes while you work on phase 2 of this most noble project.

Don't forget to label your bucket!!! It's SUPER important!

Smoke Bomb Homemade, Phase 2: Create Your Starter Mix

This one is really easy!

Step 1: Put a new container on your scale and hit the TARE button. The scale should read zero.

Step 2: Add 30 grams of potassium nitrate.

Step 3: Add 30 grams of sugar. (Just keep adding sugar until the scale reads 60 grams total.)

Step 4: Put this mix into a clean Tupperware and shake the ever-loving hell out of it! Set it aside so the dust can dust settle while you work on phase 3 of this most sacred endeavor.

(You remembered to label it, right?)

Smoke Bomb Homemade, Phase 3: Construct Your Tube

Did you get your craft tubes?  Did you buy the real thick kind? Great!

A tube 2 inches in diameter and 4 inches long should hold all 100 grams of burn mix. However, I recommend making smaller smoke bombs in the beginning. That way, if you make a mistake, you don't waste as much chemicals.

Any size kraft tubes will work, though. 

Step 1: Take your tube and stand it on a piece of cardboard. Trace a circle around it. Do this twice, then cut out your two cardboard circles. Those will be your "lids."

Step 2: Take your tube of gasket maker and squeeze a single line of goop along one edge of your tube.

Step 3: Place a cardboard circle onto the now goopy edge.

Step 4: Secure it with foil tape. Just put one or two layers around the edge of the tube, then bend the tape down over the top.

Smoke Bomb Homemade, Phase 4: Fill Your Tube

Step 1: Carefully spoon your main burn mix into your tube. Using a funnel here isn’t a bad idea.

Step 2: When your tube is as full as you’d like it to be, insert a fuse. It doesn't have to reach all the way to the bottom of your tube. It just has to go into your mix a few inches.

Step 3: Top it off with just a tiny bit of your starter mix, right around the base of your fuse. 

Step 4: If there is any empty space left over, fill it with cotton balls or toilet paper. That way your mixture won’t move around too much if your smoke bomb tips during transportation or storage.

Step 5: You should have one more cardboard circle leftover!

Poke a hole in the center of it. Make it large enough for your fuse to fit through.

Step 6: Squeeze a single line of gasket sealer onto the top edge of your tube, and place your cardboard circle on top of it. (Don’t forget to let your fuse poke through the hole!)

Step 7: Secure it with foil tape. 


If you followed these instructions accurately, then you’ve just created the worlds greatest colored smoke bomb! 

Keep one or two brightly colored smoke bombs in your bugout bag to signal for help during an emergency. 

Set off a few on 4th of July, to honor the men and women who risked death by hanging in order to give us the most free country this planet has ever seen.

Awesome tip to quickly make smoke bombs of different colors...

Next time, when you make your main burn mix, don't add the dye! Make as much of this colorless mixture as you need for several bombs. As long as you follow the percentages in the formula, you'll be fine.

"What are those percentages again??"

27% potassium chlorate

18% sucrose

16% magnesium carbonate

3% sodium bicarbonate.

(HOLD OFF on the 36% solvent dye!)

Throw this colorless mixture into an empty, clean paint bucket (like 5 bucks at home depot). Shake it up. Label it.

Now, the next time you make a smoke bomb, you can scoop out just the amount of this colorless mixture you need into a separate container, and THEN add the 64% dye.

See how quick and easy it becomes! You can make a bunch of different colored smoke bombs in minutes, because the bulk of your mix stays clean!

"Wait... So where am I supposed to get all that stuff, again?"

For your convenience, as promised, here is a complete list of ingredients and materials with links to purchase them. Some of this stuff actually took a while.

I tried to find you the cheapest prices I could.

Actually, all of this stuff is pretty inexpensive anyway, except for the dye! Solvent dye tends to cost a few bucks; such is the price of glory.


Potassium chlorate

Magnesium carbonate

Sodium bicarbonate

Potassium nitrate


Solvent dye


Craft tubes (the thick kind!)

Foil tape

Red RTV Gasket Maker, by Permatex


Digital Scale

Coffee Grinder

I suppose a few safety tips are in order...

  1. Don't light your smoke bomb indoors or near anything that could catch fire.
  2. Try not to breath it in. It's not poisonous gas or anything, but you don't want to be inhaling random chemicals if it can be avoided, right?
  3. When you're making your smoke bomb, its always a good idea to wear gloves and a dust mask. ("But you're not wearing gloves in the pictures, Tommy.") Hey! Do as I say, not as I do! Sucka!
  4. I know it looks cool to hold a smoke bomb in your hand while it's putting out smoke, but I'd suggest not doing it, especially with your first batch. Put it on the floor, then light it. It's probably not gonna blow up, but sh*t, man, you never know... especially if you were half asleep or hungover while mixing your chemicals.
  5. Don't be half asleep or hungover while mixing your chemicals.

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Stay Alive.



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