How to Survive the Plague

Want to know how to survive the plague? Great! After 2020, I don’t blame you.

In this article, I’ll walk you through a tiny bit of history while giving you useful tips on how to prepare for the next plague, whether its natural, man-made, or the wrathful act of a vengeful god! 

When it comes to surviving the plague: Ignorance is Bliss

Amazingly, tons of people continue to sleep soundly at night, unconcerned about the likelihood of a REAL plague (and by “real plague,” I mean something with more than 98 to 99% chance of recovery).

They know nothing about the history of epidemics, or biological warfare, or that charming habit our revered world “leaders” have of using every disaster to crack down on civil liberty (for our own protection, of course).

Its sad, but most people enjoy their ignorance. That's what makes them chumps!  But thats not you, so let’s get to it!

How to Survive the Plague: Know Your History!

The “Black Death” (bubonic plague) killed one-third of Europe in only 7 years.

The “Spanish Flu” killed between 20 and 50 million people in only 2 years!

Smallpox, measles, typhus... History is littered with spontaneously occurring outbreaks of mysterious, microscopic creepy crawlies hellbent on wiping out a good chunk of the human race.

What did we ever do to them?

Biological Warfare

In 1356, Mongol raiders began catapulting bubonic plague infected corpses over the walls of besieged cities.

 In 1763, the British army gave smallpox infected blankets to Native Americans.

In the 1800’s, the U.S. army was accused of running the same scam.

In the 1940s, Japan dropped bubonic plague infected fleas over the Chinese cities of Ningbo and Changde. (Don’t forget to google Unit 731 if you’ve got a strong enough stomach.)

The list goes on and on.

The question is this: Will the next viral or bacteriological outbreak be a freak accident of nature, or a deliberate attack by Satan-worshipping communists? Who knows.

All I know for sure is that our mainstream, corporate funded media assures us the “gain of function” research at Wuhan was undertaken with nothing but the most altruistic, noble, gummy-hearted intentions, and I believe them.

I mean its not like the media ever lies to us to further the agenda of the corporate and political elite who pay them. That would be insane, right?

Enough history.

How to Survive the Plague: Stock Up on Masks!

The bubonic plague was spread by fleas. The flu is caused by a respiratory virus.

After all the jive that’s been happening since 2020, you’re most likely concerned about a respiratory plague, so that will be the focus of this article.

Your Current Mask Sucks!

Those cheap, disposable, surgical masks we’ve all become familiar with since 2020 are only designed to protect against large respiratory droplets and particles. I’m talking about the boogers, snot, and spit that comes out of a person’s head when they sneeze right in front of you.

They are not designed for long term protection. One study suggests they only protect against 60% of aerosolized particles.

Cheap paper and cloth masks do not seal against your face, so air carrying those microscopic dooshbags responsible for illness easily flows around it.

If you want to know how to survive the plague, you’ve got to understand that 60% protection just ain't good enough! Not when there are better options.

Keep a few boxes of paper masks as backup, but if the next plague is respiratory in nature, you’re gonna want a better mask!

Hospital workers usually wear disposeable N95 masks when treating covid patients.

When worn properly, these filter out 95% of inhaled particles. If you insist on wearing paper masks, make sure they say N95.

Buy a bunch, and do not reuse them unless they were specifically designed for reuse.

Once the mask becomes worn and floppy, the seal wears out and air leaks around your face, defeating the whole purpose of wearing one and potentially sending you on a premature trip to the boatman.

There’s an ever BETTER, CHEAPER option out there!

Instead of buying box after box of masks providing questionable protection at best, just get a respirator!

(Those are the cool looking masks you’ve seen professional painters wear.)

A respirator is a cheap, reuseable, easily cleaned mask made of plastic. It comes in different sizes

You can choose different filters depending on the level of protection you’re looking for.

One day, you might need protection from airborne flu particles, or the floating dust and debris covering your town after the latest air raid.

Another day, you might need protection from tear gas, chlorine gas, or any other gas designed to turn your lungs inside out.

No need to buy another respirator. Just change the filters!

I personally use the M3 (M3 is the company) 6000 series. It cost me less than twenty bucks (don’t wait until the next pandemic hits, and you won’t get ripped off).

This “half mask” completely covers your nose and mouth with a solid seal.

If you want eye protection (so people can’t spit or sneeze directly into your eyes, or if you have reason to believe you might be attacked by tear gas) go ahead and splurge a little and get the “full face” version which covers your eyes.

Once you choose your mask, you have to choose which filter you want to buy for it.

P100 particulate filters (they look like 2 pink discs) protect you against 99.97% of aerosolized particulates. Thats a beautiful number! You can replace those discs whenever they wear out (most people wait until they become hard to breath through, or when they give off any kind of smell or taste). 

If you want extra-extra protection, you can get the P100 cartridge/particulate filters (Instead of discs, they look like 2 pink boxes). They’re a bit more expensive, but they’ll protect you against dangerous gases like chlorine, hydrogen chloride, ammonia, or methylamine, in addition to 99.97% of aerosolized particules.

If you buy any 3M respirator mask in the 6000 series, just make sure you buy filters or cartridges designed for use with the 6000 series. (Duh).

Keep both mask and filters sealed ziplock bag when not in use. This will prevent unnecessary airflow through the filters, making them last longer.

If you've got money to burn, and you want to how to survive the plague, then only the best will do!

For the ultimate in respiratory plague protection, you can buy a powered air purifying device, or PAPR.

A PAPR consists of a helmet, a clear face shield/hood, and a fan that constantly provides cool, purified air.

These are extremely comfortable because they aren’t worn directly on your face. Its easy to breath, and because there’s nothing pushing on the bridge of your nose like with other masks, you won't have that ugly red line when you take it off.

Lab workers and medical staff in extremely high risk positions wear PAPRs whenever they can. The only downside is that they are extremely expensive and you need to make sure your battery stays charged.

To me, a PAPR for home use is a bit overkill, but if money is not an issue for you, and “overkill” is your middle name, get one!

Did You Know?

Medieval doctors wore those creepy "bird" masks to protect against the Black Death.

They believed it was caused by contaminated air, and that by filling the "beak" with nice smelling things like flowers and spices, they could protect themselves.

Final Score: Medieval Doctors: 0. Bubonic Plague-Infected FLEAS: 200 million.

How to Survive the Plague: Stock up on Sani-Wipes!

Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially when it comes to “how to survive the plague.”

Don’t wait for the flu season to come around again (usually in October), when everyone and their mother will be buying up every sterilizing agent they can get their hands on.

Buy some sani-wipes now before the crowd.

Use them to sterilize door knobs, faucet handles, toilet seats, your cell phone when you get home, your car keys, and everything else you suspect could bring the plague into your home.

There are many brands out there, some lemon scented, some pine scented. Screw all that jive! Get the kind health care workers use: Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Wipes. Go to any hospital, and you’re likely to see these purple cannisters everywhere!

Want to save some bucks? You can make your own alcohol based sani-wipes at home!

Just get a bottle of 91% isopropyl acohol (that’s the kind your mom would pour on your knee after you fell off your bike).

Pour 7 cups of it into an airtight container. Add 3 cups of water. Then add your paper towels. Make sure your paper towels are completely submerged, and wait at least 5 minutes for them to become completely soaked.

Voila! (Please use the money you just saved to get a good respirator.)

Stop digging for gold! You know what I'm talking about.

More important than sterilizing objects and surfaces around your house is developing the habit of NOT touching your nose, mouth, or eyes!

Don't do it unless you just washed your hands, and STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE!

Picking your nose is not how to survive the plague!

For you fidgety types, you’re just going to have to search within yourself for the strength and discipline of a Shaolin monk.

You can do it! Control those reflexes! The next time you feel an itch within the dark, mysterious caverns of your left and right nostrils, DO NOT PICK YOUR NOSE!

Wash your hands.

Then pick your nose.

How to Survive the Plague: Store food and water!

During a full-on plague, the supply lines for grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential businesses will be severely disrupted. You can’t cant count on them to have what you need.

We saw this in 2020 when grocery stores all over America (and the world) ran short on food.

Stock up now. Store as much canned food in your home as you and your family will need for at least 4 weeks. You should also store 1 gallon of water per person per day, for at least 4 weeks.

5 gallon jugs work great for this.

You should also get some water filters, in case you have to start drinking tap water (the Zero Water ZP-010 is a gravity pitcher that can actually remove fluoride! There was a time when only complicated, expensive reverse osmosis systems could get rid of fluoride. No longer!)

Vitamins to Survive the Plague: Hulk Hogan wasn't lying!!!!

Want to know how to survive the plague by boosting your immune system?

Do NOT lock yourself inside your house 24 hours a day, wallowing in your own misery!

Don't do it, no matter how bad the media tries to scare you. You’re body needs sunlight to have a healthy, fully functioning immune system!

Sunlight on your skin causes your body to produce its own vitamin D, and likely a whole host of other chemicals necessary for health that haven’t been fully studied yet.

Make sure you spend some time outside getting fresh air, sunlight, and exercise. You should also supplement with vitamin D3, vitamin C, and a B-complex.

The media typically discourages all of these things. Vitamins are cheap. Sunlight and exercise are free - hardly the stuff multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies (who fund mainstream media outlets) can thrive on.

The media’s job is to keep you cowering in fear, begging for whatever product their corporate masters are pushing.

It's not their job to teach you how to survive the plague. They don't even care if you know how to survive the plague.

All they want are two things: money and power, and keeping you in a state of ignorance is essential for both.

Take control of your own health. Do not to give in to fear.

(By the way, have you read Manufacturing Consent? Its a tiny pamphlet of a book. Read it, and enjoy seeing the world through your new, bullsh*%-proof eyes.)

Daily Symptom Monitoring

Everyone in your household must dedicate themselves to constant symptom monitoring, not just in themselves but in each other. Anyone showing or feeling the slightest sign of illness should be quarantined in another building.

That sounds cold blooded, but voluntary quarantine measures will always be an essential part of how to survive the plague.

If a separate building isn't possible, give the sick their own room and a gameboy, as they might be in there for a long time. (They still make gameboys, right?)

If the plague is caused by an airborne virus, try not to run your air conditioner.

That’s just going to spread the virus, and ensure that you and your whole family cross into the nether realm, coughing and sneezing, together.

How to Survive the Plague: Ditch Town!!!

At some point, the outbreak in your city might get so bad, you’ll feel like the safest option is to get the hell out of town. And you’ll be right!

Do not take public transportation. Viruses and bacteria spread easily in crowded spaces, and exposing yourself to those microscopic creeps is NOT how to survive the plague!

Study in advance the locations of roadblocks, checkpoints, and any other attempts by the local government to keep you penned in. If you want to escape, you’ve got to figure out a way around those suckas!

You should go to another city, ideally one with zero reported cases of plague?

No, you psycho!

Go someplace rural. The fewer people, the better. A small, quiet town far from the madness of the city will decrease your odds of becoming infected.

If the local grocery store runs low on food, your neighbors (hopefully farmers who grow their own) are much more likely to share with you than city-folk, long desensitized to the face of human suffering.

In the end, in an absolute worst case scenario, retreat to the woods. That’s right. You want to know how to survive the plague? Go camping... permanently!

Make sure you bring a few uninfected males and a few uninfected females.

With just a little alcohol and your favorite Monster Ballads CD, you can slowly rebuild society.

The human race is counting on you.

Stay alive.



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