Food List for Preppers: What to Buy, and Why!

This is the ultimate food list for preppers!

It contains 47 survival foods and pantry items to keep you and your family healthy when civilization implodes.

These foods are easy to store, slow to spoil, and packed with nutrients.

And believe it or not, some of them actually taste good!

May this doomsday prepper food list enable you and your family to thrive during the coming apocalypse!!!

Should you stock up on survival food?

Of course you should!

But only if you don’t want to starve to death when the next disaster strikes.

There are so many scenarios that would require you to have your own stockpiled food supply. All it takes is a single disruption to the supply lines, and the grocery stores we depend on will sellout of food within hours!

Riots, martial law, lock-downs, hyperinflation, an EMP, an earthquake... Anything could do it! We saw it in 2020. Believe me, it will happen again.

In this article, not only will I give you an extremely solid food list for preppers, I’ll give you the approximate shelf life of each item.

I’ll even give you tips on how to store your food properly in order to extend its shelf life as long as possible.

In fact, knowing about proper storage is just as important as having a decent “food list for preppers,” so lets start there.

Food List for Preppers: How to Store Food so You Don’t Wind Up Starving to Death Like a Sucka!

There are three things that can cause your food to spoil, leaving you starving, emaciated, and wondering if zombie flesh tastes as good to us, as our flesh does to them.

Those 3 things are heat, moisture, and oxygen. If you can minimize these 3 things, you’ll be in great shape!

So don’t store your food in the shed where it gets blazing hot in the summer.

Heat is the enemy of any food prepper, because it speeds up the rate at which bacteria wipes its unholy bunghole over everything you might want to eat someday.

In fact, don’t store food outside at all.

Even if the weather doesn’t get insanely hot where you live, it will still fluctuate enough throughout the year to make your cans swell, then shrink, then swell, then shrink. 

That swelling and shrinking action will make your cans fail prematurely, and force you to seek the flesh of innocent pigeons and squirrels for sustenance. 

Keep your food in your house where its safe from the weather, as well as from rats, opossums, hobos, hippies, and scavengers of all sorts.

Guard it with your life!

How long does survival food last?

Everything you see on this Food List for Preppers will have a “best by” date printed directly on the packaging. That’s the manufacturer’s best guess as to when the quality of the item begins to deteriorate. 

The food doesn't “spoil” on that date!

It might not be as good as it was when you first bought it in terms of texture, color, and flavor, and that’s okay. Your doomsday prepper food list is not about fine dining. 

Its about keeping yourself alive when food can no longer be purchased from the grocery store, either because its way too expensive (hyperinflation) or it just isn’t there (supply line collapse).

How can you tell if food is spoiled?

Even if you only buy the saltiest, preservative-saturated, mummified survival foods you can find, most of it will go bad eventually. How can you tell?

Look at it!

1. If your cans look bloated, rusted, or broken down in any way, don’t eat it. That bloating is a sign of gas, which gets produced when the food inside is spoiling. 

2. If the color of your food is way off or it simply looks foul, don’t eat it!

3. Now take a whiff. If it smells funky, stinky, nasty, or just different from what you expected, don’t eat it!

4. If it looks and smells okay, but when you finally put it in your mouth it tastes bad, do not continue eating it. Nothing good will come from it.

Food poisoning sucks. Botulism sucks even harder. Do not take a chance with rotten food.

Food List for Preppers: Don’t Eat it All at Once, You Glutenous Maniac!

When the next apocalyptic event hits, and you finally have to dip into your emergency food supply, try not to consume it all at once!

Don’t make fancy meals incorporating several different cans of food, tempting as it may be.

Unless you’re making Thanksgiving dinner, and you don’t need to have meat, peas, green beans, rice, and a fruit cup in a single meal.

Adjust how you and your family eat for the sake of longevity. Make it last!

Its better for your stomach, your wallet, and even your soul (because you won’t have to rob other schmoes of their food, which might incur a karmic debt).

Food List for Preppers: What foods should I buy for disaster preparedness?

Remember when you’re at the grocery store, and you’re going through your “food list for preppers,” you’re not necessarily looking for things that taste great.

You just need food that will last a long time in storage, and provide you with all the calories and vitamins you need to stay strong and ferocious.

Organic is great, but if it doesn’t store well, leave it alone! 

I love brown rice because its healthy and delicious, but because it lasts less than a year in storage before going rancid, I stock up on white! 

Now that you have the basics, lets get to the actual survival food list...

Food List for Preppers: Get this stuff! 

These first 10 items will make up the core of your prepper food list. 

These are the survival foods with a long shelf life that you should devote the bulk of your pantry space to.

They’re cheap, nutritious, easy to prepare, and delicious… especially if you’re freaking starving.

1. Water.

I know, I know. Water isn’t food. It’s water!

But its so important, let’s pretend it is food and put it at the top of our food list for preppers. 

Scientists in white lab coats have proven that you can live for a month without corn-dogs and jelly donuts, but only 3 days without water.

Water is the element that brings life. Its how Liu Kang defeated Sub Zero. 

Stock up on water any way you can! 

If you do nothing else, do this and the gods of apocalyptic preparedness will favor you.

To stock up on water, you’ll need 5 gallon jugs and water purification tablets.

If those jugs of water ever go stale, just throw in a tablet to make it safe to drink again. 

How much water do you need? Try to store 1 gallon per person per day, for at least a couple of weeks.

(If you want to know how to clean 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon jugs, or personal water bottles in 3 minutes or less without a brush or toxic chemicals, click here!)

Water filters are also a great idea. In a disaster, your tap water might still be running, but the city’s water purification plant might not be!

Water pitchers that use gravity to filter out impurities are cheap and easy to use.

Look for one that removes fluoride, unless you like being made docile by psychotic politicians desperate to control “the bewildered herd.”

When it comes to obtaining pure drinking water, a reverse osmosis filter is the gold standard. But these contraptions tend to be large, expensive, and challenging to install.

If you’re handy, though, and you have a few bucks, you should definitely consider one.

2. Freeze Dried Meat

Freeze drying is the process of removing all the moisture from a food by freezing its water content, then converting that ice directly into gas (bypassing the liquid phase).

Scientific mumbo jumbo aside, freeze dried food can last up to 30 years and retains 97% of its nutrients. Just add warm water, and the food will look and taste just like it did when it was made!

You can buy your own freeze dryer for a couple grand, but for most people, its more cost effective to buy food that’s already been freeze dried. 

Readywise is a company that sells freeze dried meat by the bucket.

This bucket contains 60 servings of meat and chicken in a variety of flavors. It even gives you white rice to go with it. The shelf life on these buckets are 15 years! 

A hell of a lot can happen in 15 years...

3. Canned Meat

Don’t forget to stock up on meat in a can. Spam, mini-hot dogs, and mini-sausages are all great for apocalyptic scenarios. Spam can last in the can for up to 5 years. 

Unlike freeze dried meat, canned meat is stored in its own juices, so you don’t need warm water to prepare it. That’s important if you ever have to bug out and eat a can of meat while in nature.

The meat will give you protein, and the juice will hydrate you.

Don’t forget about fish! Fish contains omega oils proven to increase cognition and memory. 

Tuna is my favorite. Its the only canned meat I’ll actually eat during times of peace and prosperity. 

You can also find canned salmon, sardines, and mackerel. Shelf life on most canned fish is 5 years – same as spam.

4. Dry Beans

Human beings have survived on beans for thousands of years.

That’s because they’re inexpensive to grow, packed with a ton of protein, vitamins, and fiber, and they taste great! 

Yes, they can make you fart like a wildebeest, but farting brings you in touch with the natural physiological processes that make us human. So its a good thing! 

(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

Did You Know:

Ancient people believed farting was a way of expelling evil spirits from the body.

The higher the pitch, the greater the vibratory energy of the offending spirit, the more villagers were inclined to cheer at its successful expulsion.

Most important is the fact that dry beans last indefinitely if stored properly.

Keep them in a cool, dry place, ideally in an air tight container with an oxygen absorber (more on oxygen absorbers later). 

After 3 to 5 years, your beans might lose some of their vitamins and flavor, but so what! Just eat a bit more of them. Or pop a Flintstone vitamin in the morning. 

Dry beans must be soaked overnight before cooking, which is all the more reason to stock up on water.

Incidentally, that water absorbs a lot of the compounds responsible for gas. 

Pro Tip:

Throw that fart water out after soaking, and you’ll be a lot less flatulent. 

5. Canned Beans

Canned beans don’t last as long as the dry version, but they are much easier and faster to prepare, which is why they always rank near the top of any food list for preppers.

Just pop open the can and dig in if your starving. 

There’s no need to soak them for 24 hours because they’re already soaked. 

That “juice” might also be an important source of fluid if you have nothing else. Otherwise, throw that fart water out! Then rinse your beans before eating for maximum flatulence prevention.

Canned beans can last anywhere between 2 to 5 years, so stock up on a ton of them. Get a variety, and make sure none of your cans are dented or show any signs of wear which would shorten its shelf life.

Did You Know?

According to medieval legend, there exists a rare bean that enables you to fart in the supersonic frequency, which only dogs and rabbits can hear.

There’s no need to soak them for 24 hours because they’re already soaked. 

That “juice” might also be an important source of fluid if you have nothing else. Otherwise, throw that fart water out! Then rinse your beans before eating for maximum flatulence prevention.

Canned beans can last anywhere between 2 to 5 years, so stock up on a ton of them.

Get a variety, and make sure none of your cans are dented or show any signs of wear which would shorten its shelf life.

6. Rice

What would a “food list for preppers” be without rice ranking in the top 10?

A list for chumps, that’s what.

Brown rice is very nutritious.

Unfortunately, it only stores for about 6 months before breaking down and smelling rancid. That’s because of the oil content in its bran lair.

White rice is the same as brown rice, but with its husk, bran, and germ removed. Its a little less nutritious, but unopened, you can store it for over 5 years! 

White rice is a comfort food. It helps you feel full. That’s important during times of famine. 

If you want extra nutrition, you can buy the “enriched” kind.

My philosophy is brown rice for good times, white rice for bad.

I always keep several giant bags in the closet for when society implodes.

7. Canned Vegetables

Corn, string beans, tomatoes, olives. You can get almost anything in a can these days. 

Each vegetable will have a different shelf life, so pay attention as you buy them. Buy extra of whatever lasts the longest, and less of the ones that don’t. 

Don’t forget canned spinach, and keep at least one can with you at all times.

If you ever get into a fight, eat it all in a single, massive gulp just before engaging the enemy.

You’ll win every time! 

Pro Tip:

Keep a special area for cans of food that go bad faster than the others.

Once they start approaching their “best by” date, you can begin consuming them in your normal, pre-apocalyptic meals. 

Just remember to replenish your emergency food supply as you do so.

8. Canned Fruit

Canned fruit usually has a printed expiration date of 1 to 2 years. When civilization collapses, you’re going to want that fruit to boost your mood, energy, and morale. 

Morale is important when the government deliberately collapses the economy, 90% of people are unemployed, and you’ve been eating rice and beans for months.

But be forewarned, gentle reader! 

Canned fruit contains syrup which almost doubles the amount of calories and sugar it contains. Its tempting to drink that syrup.

To those of us with a sweet tooth (like me) it tastes like nectar of the gods… but don’t drink it!

Diabetes sucks, and having it will only make it harder to survive the zombie apocalypse.

9. Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables plucked straight from the earth should make up the bulk of any healthy diet.

That’s according to most doctors, yogi’s, naturopaths, hippies, and forest dwellers, and I believe them. 

But when it comes to prepping, freeze dried is the name of the game.

Once again, “Freeze drying” is basically black magic, but it retains 97% of the foods nutritional content and gives it a shelf life of 20 to 30 years, making it perfect for your survival food list.

I wish all doomsday preppers could have their own freeze dryer, but until the technology becomes more affordable, buying containers of food that’s already been freeze dried is way to go. 

Just add warm water to bring them back to their original state. 

10. Pasta

Dry pasta will usually be packaged with a “best by” date of about 2 years.

However, because its moisture and oil content are so low, it usually won’t spoil. Ever! 

It will lose flavor and texture over time, but that’s the least of your worries if things are so bad, you’re scrounging through your emergency food supply for pasta.

Its inexpensive, easy to cook (just boil it in hot water), and is packed with a ton of carbohydrates!

Carbohydrates do for us what nuclear radiation does for Godzilla – it gives us energy. That’s why marathon runners load up on carbs the night before a race.

Make sure to get a variety of noodles so you and your family don’t get bored. DO NOT just buy spaghetti!

Unless you really love spaghetti, as I do. 

If you get the first 10 items on this “Food List for Preppers,” you’re doing great.

Starvation will be the fate of many schmoes, but not you! 

Now lets add to our survival food list a few items useful for their shelf life, portability, or ability to help you cook meals that don’t taste like recycled Chinese newspaper...

11. Jams and Jellies

Jam and jellies are a quick and easy source of good tasting energy. 

When the economic universe is imploding on itself, and normal junk food can’t be purchased without taking on a 3rd mortgage, just spread a little jam on a piece of toast or a cracker!

I promise, it will taste better than the finest, tiniest dessert you could ever order in a French restaurant. 

What more can you ask for from something on a Food List for Preppers?

The printed “best buy” date is usually 9 to 12 months, but most preppers find that jams and jellies will still be good at least 1 year after that. 

12. Oatmeal

Oatmeal lowers your blood sugar and helps prevent heart disease. It only requires hot water to prepare, which is perfect for those socialist-induced situations when water is all you have.

You can store instant, flavored oatmeal like Quaker Oats, but the shelf life is only 6 months. For this “Food List for Preppers,” we need something a bit more stable.

The best kind of oatmeal for long-term storage is rolled oats. “Rolled” just refers to the manner in which the oats have been processed. 

If you keep it unopened, its shelf life is up to 2 years. Stored in an airtight container with an oxygen absorber, it can last decades!

The best doomsday preppers keep buckets of this stuff.

13. Protein Bars

Like whey powder, protein bars are a fast, convenient way of getting the protein you need to keep your muscles strong.

Equally important is the fact that they’re extremely portable. 

Throw them in your bugout bag and eat them while hiding out in the woods. Keep a few in your pocket to protect against charlie-horse punches from very short enemies.

My favorite kind are cliff bars. They taste great, won’t break your teeth like granola can, and contain 9 to 11 grams of protein in each one.

Their shelf life is at least 2 years.

14. Ration Bars

Ration bars are like protein bars on steroids. They are designed to give you ALL the vitamins and calories you need in a compact form while you dodge, dip, duck, dive, and… dodge danger. 

You eat these in emergencies only, or when you’re bugging out, so don’t expect them to taste like filet mignon.

The more calories they have, the better. The longer shelf life they have, the better.

Ration bars usually have a ‘best buy’ date of 5 years or more.

Quintuple that if you’re willing to eat anything resembling a candy bar, regardless of age, as I am.

15. Vitamins

Not everything on your “Food List for Preppers” is going maintain its nutrition by the time the civilization implodes, so you’re going to need vitamins.

Vitamin C boosts your immune system. That’s always important, but especially if the next disaster is a virus (which it damn well might be).

Vitamin B gives you energy. It helps prevent depression, paranoia, and dementia.

Sugar Ray Robinson had his doctor give him shot of vitamin B before every championship fight. Make sure you have an adequate supply of vitamin B! 

Vitamin D is a hormone your skin synthesizes after sun exposure. It boosts your testosterone level, improves your immune system, and helps you fight the cold and flu. 

Make sure you have vitamin D on hand for when the government uses armed thugs to force us indoors, and out of the life-giving, virus killing power of natural sunlight... “for our own protection,” of course.

Multi-Vitamins are a great option if you can’t swallow 5 or 6 pills at once.

Just make sure to find one your body agrees with. 

I don’t take multi-vitamins. Every multi-vitamin I’ve ever taken has given me a rash in a random spot on my body.

But if they work for you, they can be an easy way of getting everything you need in a single pill.

I recommend not getting the gummy kind as they’re too delicious, and you might find yourself (or your kids) eating 10 at a time.

16. Coffee

Many historians credit coffee with jump starting the industrial revolution. 

If it can change the agrarian-based heathens of the late 1700’s to the factory-based human slaves of the 1800’s, just think of what it can do for you!

Kidding aside, coffee is amazing. It’ll energize you on those days when you feel like being a lazy, yellow-lotus sniffing couch potato. 

It’ll keep you sharp on those long nights guarding your property from zombies, and all other species of no-good-nick.  

I’m literally amped up on coffee as I write this.

Whole bean coffee lasts 9 months on the shelf. That’s fine for regular consumption, but for your emergency supply, get instant coffee. 

It may not taste as good as the fresh stuff, but instant coffee, unopened, can last 20 years before going bad. In the freezer it will last until Ragnarok.

17. Tea (Because its medicinal!)

Some teas lower your risk of heart disease and cancer. Others fight inflammation and boost your immune system. Some teas help you to sleep, others wake you up. 

That’s reason enough to put it on our “Food list for Preppers,” but there’s also something dignified about offering tea to a guest, like Bruce Lee at the beginning of Enter the Dragon. “Care for some TEA, Mr. Braithwaite???”

Make sure to stock up on a variety, including these:

Ginger - Helps with morning sickness, indigestion, and joint pain.

Chamomile - Improves sleep and reduces stress. It can also lessen muscle pain and menstrual cramps.

Hibiscus - Lowers your blood pressure and reduces cravings for sweets. 

The shelf life for tea is 3 years. After that it may lose some flavor, so double tea-bag it for extra potency.

18. Tang

It’s probably too late for you to become an astronaut and rocket off into space, but at least you can drink Tang. Put a large fishbowl over your head for a more authentic NASA experience.

It may not be as good as fresh squeezed orange juice, but in an apocalyptic situation when water quality suffers, Tang will taste like nectar from the heavens.

Its also got a ton of vitamin C and a 15 year shelf life!

Every food list for preppers should have Tang on it.

19. Chicken Broth

Chickens have it rougher than any other animal. 

Fried chicken, broiled chicken, baked chicken, chicken tacos, chicken soup, chicken seasoning. 

Evolution made them so delicious that just boiling their flesh and bones is enough to make water taste good! Make sure you have chicken broth!

Chicken broth is an essential ingredient in any kitchen. You can make soup with it, boil your rice in it, or drink it straight up.

My wife hates when I drink her chicken broth, but its delicious, so I take a swig whenever she’s not looking.

Chicken broth, unopened, can last 3 to 5 years. That’s a fantastic shelf life, so stock up! 

(Beef broth is also good to have and lasts just as long. Consider stocking up on beef broth in addition to chicken, for variety sake.)

What the hell is in that jar?

Its homemade bone broth / collagen my wife made.

Just boil some chicken or beef bones for a few hours, pour the liquid in a jar, and refrigerate.

The gelatinous looking monstrosity you've just created is packed full of collagen and flavor.

Use it as a replacement for store-bought broth, or mix a spoonful of gelatin into your smoothies/coffee/meals to heal joint pain.

I had pain in my right knee for years. No longer!

(Thanks, babe!)

20. Whey

Whey powder is a great way to add protein to your diet.

It takes a lot of strength to crush the skulls of your enemies. Adequate protein makes that strength possible.

When you don’t have time to cook a steak (or you don’ have a steak), just mix some whey powder in the drink of your choice and chug it down!

Whey is a byproduct of cheese-making, so be careful if you’re lactose intolerant. You can buy a lactose free version, but its more expensive.

Personally, I take a lactase enzyme pill before I drink my shakes.

If you’re lactose intolerant like me, make sure you stock up on those enzymes. 

21. Cheese

I know what you’re thinking.

Its impossible to store cheese long term, especially when the electricity has been out for weeks, and your refrigerator reeks with the horrid stench of rotting craft singles. 

But guess what!

You can store cheese indefinitely, as long as its entirely encased in wax! Under the right conditions with its wax intact, a wheel of cheese can last 25 years in storage! 

Yeah, I didn’t know that either (before researching this article), but now we know, and knowing is half the battle. 

So get a few wheels of cheese.

While everyone else is grinding out their bland existence in a post-apocalyptic, cheese-less hell, you’ll be snacking on nachos like a god.

22. Bouillon cubes

Forget the Tesseract.

In a zombie apocalypse (or any apocalyptic situation), bouillon cubes are the cubes you want to have!

They’re made by powerful wizards with the ability to remove water from broth, leaving only the powdered essence of meat. Then they compress that powder into tiny cubes of intense flavor. 

You can buy chicken, beef, or sea food versions.

Just drop a few in boiling water and you’ve got soup! Soup is easy to digest, keeps you hydrated, and with bouillon cubes, can be prepared in seconds.

The shelf life on most bouillon cubes is 2 years. Fine dining has never been so easy.

23. Honey

No “Food List for Preppers” is complete without honey.

Did you know usable honey has been found in the tombs of ancient pharaohs? Like Mike Tyson highlight reels, this stuff never gets old. 

Honey’s anti-bacterial properties give it an infinite shelf life.

They also make it great for putting on wounds to prevent infection. Swallowing a spoonful of honey soothes a sore throat when your sick. 

Honey contains zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium, and a ton of other nutrients to keep you healthy, energized, and ready to kick some zombie butt.

Stock up on honey!

24. Butter

One of the hardest things to store are fats and oils because they don’t have a long enough shelf life. Butter, for instance, only lasts a few months. 

But powdered butter can be stored for up to 5 years!

Its made by the same dark magic used to make bouillon cubes: by removing its water content, leaving only the powdered essence of butter (and by adding some milk solids).  

To use it, just stir in an equal amount of water. 

The milk solids give it a slightly milky/creamy flavor, so don’t expect it to taste exactly like normal butter. But it will make your baked potatoes taste better, and you can bake with it. Get it!

25. Cereal

Didn’t expect to see Fruity Pebbles on your Food List for Preppers, did you? 

All that sugar and preservatives means that unopened cereal can last indefinitely.

That’s a quality that cannot be ignored, no matter how unhealthy it might be for daily, year after year consumption.

You can go with Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes, both of which are the sugary-cereal equivalent of crack cocaine, or you can go a bit healthier with Corn Flakes and Great Grains. 

Just get something you can enjoy and won’t put you in a diabetic coma.

Remember, this is survival food only. It doesn’t have to be 100% healthy. It just needs to store well, contain a bunch of calories, and prevent you from starving.

Cereal fits the bill nicely.

26. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has a ton of protein and calories, both good things for surviving the apocalypse. 

It tastes great too, and that can be a huge morale booster in dark times. A typical jar of peanut butter has a shelf life of 18 months, but its actually good for many years after that. 

The smell and taste may change 5 years after opening it, but even then its unlikely to make you sick.

If it ever smells foul, burn it with fire.

Until then, it is the perfect high caloric treat for you and your family, and deserves its honorable spot on this Food List for Preppers.

27. Crackers

No, crackers aren’t the most nutritious food in the world, but God didn’t create all food for nutritional content.

That’s why soldiers in WW2 were given chocolate with their food rations.

Some foods are worth having just to relieve stress and provide a sense of normalcy, and crackers fit the bill.

Most store bought crackers, like Ritz, only have a shelf life of a few months, so don’t get those.

Pilot crackers come in a giant can with an oxygen absorber and have a shelf life of 30 years! 

Get a can or two, and the next time your post-apocalyptic parrot asks for a cracker, you won’t have to hang your head in shame.

Food List for Preppers: Things that can make crappy meals taste better!

28. Salt

Salt has been precious to humans for thousands of years.

The ancient Greeks used it as money.

Sumo wrestlers throw it on the ground to purify the ring before battle. 

The wealth of entire nations have risen and fallen according to their ability to navigate the salt trade. In fact, salt’s ability to preserve food is a big part of what made civilization possible! 

You’re probably just gonna to use it to flavor your food, though, and that’s okay.

Its reason enough to keep on your Food List for Preppers, so stock up.

Get yourself some salt!

Pro Tip: 

You can use salt to test if an egg is rotten. 

Just stir 2 teaspoons of salt into a glass of water, then drop your suspicious looking egg in it.

If it floats, that sucker is rotten like Jeffrey Epstein’s soul, and the souls of every politician involved in his NON-suicide.

Chuck that foul egg at your enemies, then go find some fresh ones.

29. Sugar

As with salt, sugar has had a huge impact on the course of world history! 

Profits from the sugar trade enabled Americans to win the Revolutionary War. 

Unfortunately, it also fueled the slave trade, beginning in the 1600’s. It was so profitable, the people of those days referred to sugar as “white gold.”

Throw a little in your coffee or tea, or use some in your baking and you’ll be just fine. 

Just don’t go overboard, or that sadistic little imp we call the “tooth fairy” will extract a vicious toll, and pay you chump change for your suffering. 

Believe me. I know.

Did You Know?

By mixing sugar with potassium nitrate (stump remover), you can make rocket fuel! Seriously. Wear goggles.

29. Spices and Seasonings

Before refrigeration was invented, humans depended on spices to mask the flavor of their not-so-fresh food. 

Sailors risked their lives for it. Royalty paid a fortune for it. Countries went to war over control over the spice trade!

That’s how bad their food sucked.

When the zombie apocalypse begins, you too will depend on spices to mask the flavor of not-so-fresh food. Get whatever your normally cook with, but make sure you get lemon pepper. 

I’ve been eating lemon pepper straight since I was 5 years old. I believe its given me powers...

Whole spices stay fresh for 4 years, ground spices for 2 to 3.

30.  Condiments

Condiments are an essential part of your Food List for Preppers. 

Why? Because you might be eating the same foods for a long time. Your palate will appreciate any variety in flavor you can create, and that’s what condiments do.

Ketchup usually comes with a “best by” date of about a year. 

However, I’ve eaten bottles of half-empty ketchup from the back of my fridge that I KNOW were a couple of years old, minimum, and I’m still alive. 

My philosophy is that if you’re eating hot dogs (which are made of Crom knows what), a little bit of extra-aged ketchup shouldn’t scare you one bit.

Stock up on ketchup, mustard, relish, and whatever else it takes to keep that mystery meat palatable, such is the decree of this Food List for Preppers!

31. Chocolate Bars

If you survive the zombie apocalypse (or any apocalyptic situation) for even a few days, you deserve to reward yourself.

That means having chocolate on your food list for preppers.

Dark chocolate has a shelf life of about 2 years, which is great. Too bad it tastes like dirt, even when its new. (Don’t tell my wife I said that.) 

White and milk chocolate contain more fats than dark, so their “best buy” date is only 1 year. 

Stock up on whichever kind of chocolate you like.

It’ll get your mind off of suffering and remind you of better days, which is why the U.S. government has included it in army rations since 1937.

By the way, old, “expired” chocolate usually won’t make you sick, so don’t throw it away. 

There will come a time when even old chocolate will be seen as a precious commodity. 

Did You Know?

Wasting chocolate is one of the top 10 ways to get murdered by an oompa loompa.

So don’t do it.

32. Powdered Milk

Without your own cow, it’ll be next to impossible to get fresh milk, especially if you live in the city away from farmland. What's a survival food prepper to do?

Powdered milk is the next best option!

It can last anywhere from 10 to 25 years unopened. In terms of nutrition, its very similar to fresh milk, hard as that is to believe. 

You can use it for baking, making coffee, making soups, and everything else you’d use normal milk for. 

The taste and texture isn’t for everyone, so I wouldn’t recommend drinking it straight except in emergencies, which is exactly what a “Food List for Preppers” is all about.

If you’re lactose intolerant, skip the powdered milk, or stock up on lactase enzymes. 

33. Hot Chocolate Mix 

If you’re going to get powdered milk, you should definitely get powdered chocolate to go with it. 

I’ve seen plenty of kids turn down the offering of a glass of milk (especially powdered), but I’ve never seen a human being turn down hot chocolate of any kind.

That makes hot chocolate an essential item for any Food List for Preppers.

Its just what you need to provide your family with a sense of normalcy on those cold nights, when the city’s power grid has been shut down by radical, brain-washed, freedom-hating, ultra-woke thugs in ski masks.

You can also put hot chocolate powder in your coffee, sprinkle it on oatmeal, or throw it in a smoothie! 

Good times.

34. Vinegar

I love vinegar.

To my palate, it can make anything delicious.

Equally important is the fact that its acidic nature is self preserving, so it will last forever without refrigeration. That’s perfect for our survival food list! 

Make sure to get apple cider vinegar, as its not only tastes good, it has a ton of health benefits! 

A teaspoon taken just before meals helps diabetics lower their blood sugar. People have used apple cider vinegar for everything from removing warts and skin tags, to banishing demons to the nether realm. 

Just make sure you dilute it before drinking.

White vinegar also as a ton of uses besides cooking.

You can clean with it, disinfect with it, use it to kill weeds, or spray it on power chords to stop your cats from gnawing on them. 

35. Vodka

It may seem weird to list vodka on this food list for preppers, but hear me out...

Vodka is great, and not just for getting wasted!

If you have a toothache, you can use vodka for numbing and disinfection. Just soak a cotton ball in the stuff, then press it against the affected area. 

You can cure your smelly feet by rubbing vodka on them, which kills fungus and bacteria like the Angel of Death.

You can fill a zip-lock bag with vodka and freeze it to make a flexible ice pack (for the next time you sprain your ankle dodging evil).

Finally, when the dollar collapses and all businesses (including grocery stores) have been hammered into the ground, and all anybody has to drink is bathtub moonshine made by a friend of a friend of a friend, any legit booze will be worth its weight in gold!

36. Baking Soda

My wife loves baking, so having baking soda on our Food List for Preppers is a must. 

But it isn’t just for baking!

You can make toothpaste by mixing it with water, or use it as deodorant whenever the stores run out of Axe. 

You can mix it into your cat’s litter box to control that funky, cat-poo smell!

It can even de-clog sinks and drains! Just run hot water for a few seconds, pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain, then let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with hot water.

37. Yeast

I’m no baker, but my wife is so I stock up on yeast. 

Yeast is what causes dough to fluff up in the oven. Its a living organism, kept dormant until you add water. (Creepy, right?)

Unopened and kept at room temperature, it should last at least 2 years, but I’ve heard of people using it after 5 years to good effect. It still made their bread rise, they had to use a little more of it.

If you or anyone in your family enjoys baking, make sure to keep yeast on your Food List for Preppers!

Pro Tip:

To test if your old yeast is still potent, just drop 1 teaspoon of sugar in 1/4th cup of warm water.

Then add two teaspoons of your suspect yeast.

If it foams after 10 minutes, then its still good and your bread will rise like Mike Tyson’s uppercut.

38. Vanilla Extract

Just like yeast, you need this stuff for baking, so don’t ignore it on your survival food list.

It lasts forever because of its alcohol content. 

That’s all I have to say about vanilla extract...

(I don’t know a damn thing about baking.)

39. Instant Ramen Noodles

College students around the world swear by the ability of cheap ramen noodles to sustain brain activity indefinitely.

Therefore, it deserves its place on our Food List for Preppers.

Ramen is easy to cook (requiring only hot water), and it usually comes with its own seasoning.

I usually throw those seasoning packets away. Who knows what mystery chemicals are in there?

But they’re good to have if there’s nothing else around, like during a zombie apocalypse (or a communist takeover).

Instant ramen can be eaten as is, or used as the base for a more complex soup with whatever veggies and meat you want to throw in. 

The “best by” date is usually 2 years, but I’ve eaten ramen as old as 5 years and I have yet to see the boatman.

40. Mac and Cheese

This is another quick and easy meal with a decent shelf life. 

You don’t need to eat it plain - you can add hot sauce, spices, hot dogs, and even tuna. 

You’ll also need milk or butter to prepare the cheese sauce, both of which you should store in powdered form.

Food List for Preppers: Non-food items that are crucial for your pantry!

41. Foil

Foil is a baking essential, so its a must-have on our Food List for Preppers. 

When you’re done with it, don’t throw it away! Crumple it into a ball. 

Keep adding foil to this ball every time you bake, and soon it will rival the one on Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

You can also use it to sharpen scissors, clean your grill, or throw it in the dryer to prevent static.

But screw all that. FOIL BALL! FOIL BALL! FOIL BALL!

42. Wax Paper

Here’s another baking essential with a lot of non-baking potential! 

You can line your cabinets with it, or roll it into make-shift funnel. 

You can use it to re-cork wine bottles, too. Just wrap the old cork in wax paper. 

Not only will you make a better seal (which keeps your wine fresher, longer), the cork will be a heck of a lot easier to pull out the next time you want to get buzzed.

43. Plastic zip-lock bags.

Where would society be without zip-lock bags? Back in the stone age, that’s where, and that’s why I’ve included it on our Food List for Preppers.

 Zip-lock bags are cheap and extremely useful for storing food. By laying the bag on its side and squeezing the air out before “locking” it, you make your food last even longer. 

You can’t do that with Tupperware. Only with bags. 

44. Vacuum Sealer 

A vacuum sealer is like having zip-lock bags on steroids.

Its a machine that sucks out all the air from bags of food, which increases the shelf life by 3 to 5 times! It also makes those bags smaller and easier to store.

Remember, the more survival food you have, the more storage space becomes an issue.

Get a vacuum sealer designed to work with generic “food saver bags,” which you should buy in various sizes.

45. O2 Absorbers

There’s no point in buying everything on a Food List for Preppers if you don’t store that food properly.

O2 absorbers are little packets of iron dust that soak up the oxygen from sealed containers. Removing oxygen increases shelf life tremendously, but you must use a container that is completely sealed. 

Canning jars work great for this. Mylar bags, too.

 Regular zip-lock bags aren’t truly air tight, so don’t bother putting oxygen absorbers in them.

Also, do not use oxygen absorbers with any food containing more than 10% moisture. The bacteria responsible for botulism loves low oxygen environments.

So if the food is moist, don’t try it.

46. Pickles

The pickling process has been used for thousands of years to preserve all kinds of food, not just cucumbers. 

If it was good enough for the Mesopotamians, its good enough for you!

Most jars of pickles have a 1 to 2 year “best by” date, but can last several years beyond that if kept unopened. That’s because of the acidic, salty brine its kept in, which makes it perfect for your survival food list.

47. Nun-chucks

No, you can’t eat nun-chucks. Not unless they’re made of bread sticks (which are not on your survival food list because they only last a few days).

But lets say some desperate fool breaks into your house, demanding you go into your pantry and bring out precious food for him to steal.

You could smash him over the head with a pickle jar, but now you’re fighting like Aunt B. from the Andy Griffith Show.

A pair of nun-chucks conveniently hidden behind the Fruit Loops would enable you to unleash your wrath in epic fashion!

Food List for Preppers: What to do with the food you don’t eat?

Keep track of the emergency food in your pantry. Glance through it once a month, checking for anything approaching its “best by” date.

Eat that stuff before it spoils, then go to the store and buy fresh survival food. 

If you do wind up with a bunch of old survival food that is no longer safe for human consumption, don’t throw it away. 

Take it outside, arrange it all into a large pyramid, then burn it. 

The rising smoke will feed the gods.

Having the gods on your side is important when you’re fighting zombies. (Or communists. Communists seem to hate anyone with lots of food, so watch out.)

Stay alive. 



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