Is Tommy of Zombie Bugout crazy?


I'm Tommy, and I remember the 1994 Northridge earthquake like it was yesterday. It caught me and my family completely off guard.

We got through it just fine, but this was the first event that sparked my obsession with disaster preparedness. It wouldn't be the last.

Robberies, riots, stock markets crashing, housing bubbles bursting, the pandemic, the lock down...

A lot has happened since I was 12 years old. All of it has only confirmed to me that my years of study and preparation for disaster hasn’t been in vain.

This website is my attempt to help you and your family not be caught off guard, with an emphasis on survival gear. 

Why survival gear?

Because I love gadgets. And I hate zombies. Give me a gadget that can slay zombies and I’m a happy man.

But zombies don't exist, you say?

 Yes they do, but there are two types.

  • Type 1 has foul breath, rotting skin, and constantly searches for delicious brains to eat raw. These are extremely rare to encounter outside works of fiction, but these are the kind you want to be able to slay if you need to.
  • Type 2 is more complicated...

It looks like a normal, healthy human being, but it has no brains to speak of, and it makes zero effort to gain any.

This type of zombie believes the constant lies spewed by politicians and by the mainstream corporate media.

It claims there’s no point in preparing because “nothing bad is going to happen anyway.” It enjoys existing in a flowery fantasy world where everything will be fine as long as you go to work, pay your taxes, and know your place.

You don’t want to hurt these zombies because they’re your friends, family, and co-workers. You love them.

But you can’t wake them up, and even if you could, attempting to destroy their fantasy would be taken as an act of war.

All you can do is prepare.

As long as you’re prepared when disaster strikes, you can save them and yourself.



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